About Us

We are visual artists and mothers raised in the analogue age, working and raising children in the digital age. Being part of the constantly changing visual culture, we are trying to make a meaning out of it and look for ways to support our kids with tools necessary for them to interpret, evaluate and create visuals using their own, unique perception.

While our children are busy engaging with visuals by sketching, painting and youtubing, we explore the visual world through the lenses of our cameras, creative printing and looking for inspiration from fellow artists. We use visual materials in our work with students and place them at the heart of our creative and educational projects, which is both challenging and fun. A combination we really like.

We’re on a mission to raise awareness and breathe enjoyment into walking visual paths, pairing up with those who are also passionate about making visual literacy accessible to all. 

Welcome to Visual Literacy Matters. 

Because it really matters

If you’re curious about our visual endeavours, click below: